HTML5 Tutorial Part III

HTML Comments Tag

HTML Comments are not processed by the browser, but are extremely important when you're coding at the backend. They can be used to "hide" parts of the page from the browser. So if for instance you want to see what a page would look like without a particular section or div, you can comment it out instead of deleting the code itself.


Meta tags

Meta tags are not as much as they used to by Google. For instance the keywords tag has become pretty much useless for ranking factors. In fact even the description tag is not as much of determining factor as it used to be. Search Engines and Google in particular show whatever THEY think the page is about.

Now the upside to this however is that often if you have your content done well and you have good LSI keywords on your page, Google will show a description that actually matches the search query that the was typed in. Basically this means that the same page can show different descriptions IF Google thinks it's relevant.

There are however other tags which could help your rankings considerably. These include tags like local business schema etc. But this is a topic all by itself and best left for another page.

HTML Audio Tag


File conversion sites: and

Video Tag

You could just host your video on Youtube and be done with it. It would be a lot simpler than trying to host your own videos of course, but sometimes, just sometimes you might have to use the video tag on a page.

Ordered Lists

Ordered lists as the name implies, means that that is a definite order in which items are ordered.

Unordered Lists

Try to keep your images as small as possible if the page permits. Large images will of course slow down your page load considerably.

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