HTML5 Tutorial Part II

Saving Files

For consistency it makes sense to stick with .html as the extension of your file. And please, please remember DO NOT TO LEAVE SPACES IN YOUR FILE NAMES!

Please note that the guy mis-speaks in this video! You can use letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens without any problems in your filename.

HTML Nesting

Nested tags

Bolding a piece of content is an example of a nested tag.

HTML Colors


For a full list of html color codes you can visit and find a color code that suits your page.

Site Navigation Links

Interlinking Ads SEO Value

Navigation is crucial for a good site experience. You want to make it possible for your visitors to be able to access all pages on your site without having to search. Good interlinking is also of supreme importance for your site's SEO.

In fact you can use interlinking to create "natural link silos" throughout your website.

HTML Link Targets

HTML Link Attributes

Link attributes can make an important difference in your overall seo. For instance having links open in a "new window" or using the taget="_blank" attibute will keep your webpage open in your visitors browser. This gives your visitor the chance to come back to your page.

HTML Image Tag

Try to keep your images as small as possible if the page permits. Large images will of course slow down your page load considerably.

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